I, for One, Welcome Our Woodcarving Overlords

Carvey: For the craftsmen of tomorrow

By The Editors
January 5, 2015 9:00 am

Any codger with a pocket knife can tell you about the lost art of woodworking.

Simpler times. Man and knife. Block of white pine.

Oh, and free time — but who’s got that these days? No one.

Except robots.

Example A: Carvey, a tabletop 3D woodcarving machine that pumps out objects in five minutes or less, available now for preorder.

Conceived by the Chicago-based handypeople at Inventables, Carvey is, like, the future of craftsmanship. It’s quiet. Precise. And unlike Grandpap’s knife, it can carve through materials like copper and brass.

Here it is in action:

And it’s amazingly simple to use thanks to Easel, the company’s super intuitive design software.

Go ahead and play around with it.

All you gotta do is click “Carve.” The beautiful aluminum box whirs. The razor-sharp needle drops and presto: your idea, actualized.

Like Gramovox and their gramophone. Or Drift Eyewear and their beautiful glasses frames.

All scalable and repeatable. Sky’s the limit. Just takes a little time to hone a new craft.

Till then, get to preordering.

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