A Little Device That Gives Directions on Your Car’s Windshield

Turn any windshield into a head-up display with Carloudy

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A Little Device That Gives Directions on Your Car’s Windshield
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26 January 2016

An unfortunate truth about living in Chicago:

When inclement weather hits, drivers forget how to drive.

The symptoms, you know: Severe loss of direction. Mental roadblocks. Profound fatigue from trying to retrieve your phone from under the seat after hitting a Texas-sized pothole.

Here with the hitch assist: Carloudy, the ultra-portable device that does away with the clunky projector mount and turns any windshield into a head-up display, no matter what car you drive.

CarloudyA look at Carloudy's in-driving features2:47

Developed by a team of Chicago engineers, Carloudy works simply: fire up the companion app and place the device — a tablet, basically — on your dashboard and you’ll instantly receive feature-rich GPS navigation display (it works directly with Google Maps and Yelp) beamed directly onto your windshield.

Also featured: your speedometer with speed warnings, plus gas mileage with gas level.

It’s all shown to you through a six-inch, HD display that uses same exactly technology you’ll find in your favorite e-reader.

Meaning: you’ll be able to read this thing clearly no matter how bright the sun shines — an ambient light sensor automatically adjusts for brightness.

Carloudy is currently crushing their Kickstarter goal. You’ll want jump in for those early bird specials.

See ya on the road.

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