This Site Lets You Pay Celebrities for Personalized Video Greetings

“Happy Father’s Day” –Pete Rose, to your dad

June 7, 2018 9:00 am

With Dad’s Day looming, the “man who has everything” may be weighing heavily on your mind.

But one Chicago startup is offering something we damn near guarantee the old man’s never received:

A Father’s Day greeting from an exhaustive list of celebrities, from Bret “The Hitman” Hart to Tommy Lee.

They’re called Cameo, and for a small fee (Pete Rose costs $150), they’ll let you script a video message to be read and recorded by the star of your choice.

And when we say exhaustive, we mean it: their hundreds-deep roster of talent is a trip down pop culture’s Memory Lane.

For Dad’s Day, you might want to browse their athlete listings. Hometown heroes include Bill Wennington, Dennis Rodman, Nate Robinson and Desmond Clark.

But the service isn’t only for well-wishes — they’ll read whatever you can think up, pending approval from the talent’s management.

Need to motivate a child? Conscript the services of their favorite YouTuber. Fight to pick? Pay an MMA fighter to fire some veiled threats on your behalf.

The real beauty of the site is in its obscurity: seriously, just browse the list, and you’ll likely find droves of niche, random personalities from your past.

Cameos start as low as $10, and production can take up to seven days. But once you’ve got the video? It’s yours for life.

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