Bangtel’s New Michigan Cabin Is Ready for You (and All Your Friends)

Featuring lake views, lofts and a dance floor

November 27, 2017 9:00 am

Cabins: modern man’s last defense against chaos, holiday-induced or otherwise.

And a proposition made even sweeter when you can share them with five, 10 — hell, even 20 — of your closest friends.

Bangtel, Chicago’s premier indie hospitality group, just acquired their first cabin, a lakeside beaut in Trufant, Michigan, just three hours from the city.

Located on 63 acres, the multi-unit dwelling has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, a private lake view and one heck of a backstory. The property itself was built and curated by legendary Chicago photographer Sandro Miller and his wife, Claude-Aline Nazaire. Yes. Mr. Sandro Miller of ‘Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich’ fame.

Bangtel has made their name in the ever-evolving hospitality industry by designing and outfitting the pop-ups they rent out, and it’s hard to imagine a better canvas than the Trufant space, with its triumphant stone chimney, red timber siding and towering vaulted ceilings.

The main house features a pyramidal living room with somewhere north of 15 windows, rustic, earthy centerpieces that complement the woodsy floors and staircases, and, of course, your evergreen cabin staples: thick rugs, cozy seating and a kingly fireplace.

But true to Bangtel’s pro-fun, no-frills ethos, it’s all about the unique spaces. After a day of forest, take a load off in the private steam sauna. Fire up the grill and sizzle some steaks on the outdoor patio. Or mix some drinks at the kitchen island and ferry ‘em over to the pool table.

Can’t rally enough troops for the private visit? Consider hitting up Camp Relax, going down December 8th-10th on the property. It’s a total tech disconnect. Yoga, life coaches and meals made right. Tickets are on sale right here.

Otherwise, the home is available for rent, and there’s a gleaming floor in the studio property eager for some grooves and a little dancing.

Get to booking.

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