Formula E Just Unveiled Its Next Generation of Arachnoid Electric Supercars

Look Ma, no gas

By The Editors
February 15, 2017 9:00 am

Getting charged up about electric cars is gonna be easy if they all look like the one pictured above, the proposed model for the fifth season of Formula E.

Formula E, if you didn’t know, is a leaner, greener spinoff of Formula 1: every car must be all electric, and they all must be produced by the same manufacturer so that technical specs are equal — it’s the drivers and the drivers alone who make the difference. Spark Racing Technology’s car looks to reduce the weight of its predecessor by 10% using a combination of fewer (notice the front) and lighter materials. Hope it doesn’t blow over in a breeze.

spark formula e (3 images)

The car will utilize a McLaren motor that has about 250 horsepower, good for speeds of up to 140 mph. Other components include Michelin tires, a Dallara chassis and Hewland five-speed gearbox. And they crank the decibel level up to 80 dB, which is 10 dBs higher than its petro counterpart.

Like Tesla before it, the new design proves that automakers don’t have to sacrifice much in the way of aesthetics to go green.

The model is set to make its debut in 2018.

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