Aston Martin Really Needs to Make This Flying Taxi Concept a Reality

Picture James Bond hailing a ride in one of these things

July 17, 2018 9:00 am

What’s self-piloting, hybrid-electric and prettier than every bird in the sky?

Aston Martin’s recently announced Volante Vision Concept, a Jetsons-esque flying vehicle the iconic British marque sketched out with an assist from Cranfield University (an engineering school in England), Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Rolls-Royce.

volante (5 images)

The Volante relies on a pair of fighter jet-style wings along with propellers in the front of the vehicle. It sits three adults (in those rad racing seats usually reserved for intense video gamers or professional soccer benches), and looks like a massive upgrade from the commute most of us likely had this morning.

Which, believe it or not, is part of Aston Martin’s candidly outlined mission. CEO Dr. Andy Palmer said of the Volante, “Humans have always spent on average, one hour commuting to and from work … [This] will enable us to travel further with our hourly commute, meaning we are able to live further away from where we work.”

Short of potentially even owning one of these bad boys, then, imagine calling it like you might an Uber — to head to work, reach the airport or make a little league game you promised you’d be at. You’d arrive in exceedingly speedy fashion, all while burning minimal fossil fuels and leaning back in a make you’d be overjoyed to have in your garage.

Until those promising days, throw it on the laundry list of maddeningly exciting (but still perhaps a decade away) transportation solutions. Find more info in Aston Martin’s press release here.

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