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Unique and Luxurious Father’s Day Gifts

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, June 19th, RealClearLife wanted to honor dads around the world the way we knew best: by curating a list of the most unique and luxurious gifts imaginable. Below are some last-minute gift options.

Montblanc’s Golden Elixir Collection


High-end pen-maker Montblanc released this limited-edition set that includes ink containing 24-karat gold, along with a handcrafted leather notebook imprinted with 22-karat gold leaf. The set is limited to 100 pieces and sells for $4,430 in selected Montblanc boutiques. For more on Montblanc pens and accessories, click here.

Döttling’s ‘The Fortress’ Safe

Studio Dino Eisele

Does your dad have a lot of valuables lying around the house unchecked? Maybe you should buy him the “The Fortress” by Döttling. The safe is upholstered with fine Italian calfskin and features eight integrated watch winders, a suede-lined jewelry drawer, and its own humidor lined with Spanish Cedar. Price: $155,000. Buy it here.

Limited Edition Grand Bohemian Piano


This special edition piano was a collaboration between Austrian piano makers Bösendorfer and Grand Bohemian hotel owner and art collector Richard Kessler. Its design was inspired by pieces from the hotelier’s personal collection, and features a bronze-cast base of sculpted tree branches, detailed with animals and a frame gilded with 23-karat gold. Only nine pianos were made, and each costs $420,000. For more details on the design (or to order one), click here.

PAL-V One Flying Car

Dutch company PAL-V created a street-legal three-wheeled vehicle that converts into a gyrocopter in 10 minutes. Dubbed the PAL-V One, the vehicle can go from 0-60 mph in under eight seconds and reaches 112 mph in the air and on the road. The PAL-V One’s 27-gallon gas tank will give your dad a 220-mile flight range and 750-miler on the road. The land-to-air vehicle is listed at $390,000 here. Watch it in action above.

Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan Signed Canvas

Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan dual-signed canvas
(Courtesy of Steiner Sports)

What better wall ornament for your dad’s executive office than this 20-by-24 canvas signed by two of the greatest athletes of all time? From memorabilia dealer Steiner Sports, those are PSA/DNA authenticated signatures of basketball superstar Michael Jordan and the late boxing great Muhammad Ali. List price: $6,999.99. Buy one here.

Admiral’s E Motion 52 Hybrid Yacht

2017 Admiral E Motion 52 Hybrid

If you’re really struggling for gift ideas, you could always buy your dad a yacht. Admiral’s 2017 E Motion 52 Hybrid lists for about $28 million and can reach speeds of up to 24 knots. The yacht also includes a jacuzzi, helipad, large spa, and accommodates up to 10 guests in five separate cabins. For more information, click here.

Ullak’s Exclusive Wood-Inlayed Skis

Ullak Skis
(Courtesy of Ullak)

Italian manufacturer Ullak produces skis that are so exclusive you won’t be able to find them in stores. You have to reach out to the company directly to get your set of bespoke wooden skis custom made. With exclusivity, though, comes a level of quality higher than the average ski. One of their most popular models is made with more than 150 pieces of wood. Prices begin at about $2,800, but with customizable options, could put you back as much as $10,000. Sets include bindings, poles, and a bag. To order a set, click here.