Vehicles | October 31, 2017 9:00 am

Despite the Camo, This Custom Defender Is Hard to Miss

Now you see it, now you ... can probably still see it.

At this point, it’s safe to say that camouflage (at least of the civilian variety) is more about form than function.

But when it looks this good, who’s to complain?

London-based Tweaked Automotive just rolled out a custom Land Rover Defender mod with a camouflage paint job that’s intended to honor the British armed forces. Built from the ground up with military-grade features like a durable grille guard, jacked-up suspension and hood-mounted spare tire, it’s a car that is more than ready for some rough-and-tumble missions.

Available as a hard or soft top, the Tweaked Military Edition also boasts a chrome exhaust, caged tail lights and a Union Jack on the bumper. But they also come personalized to every customer’s requests, with Tweaked vowing to make each build “as flamboyant or as simple and understated as desired.”

You know — just in case “simple and understated” is what you were going for with your camouflage Land Rover Defender.

Military Defender (7 images)