Vehicles | November 2, 2016 9:00 am

This Boat Belongs in a Contemporary Art Museum

Until then, we're happy to watch after it

Designers, for better or for worse, tend to look at the world a bit differently than most people.

They see zigs where we see zags, stripes where we see solids and triangular  aluminum motorboats where we see plain old birch bark canoes.

Joey Ruiter is a designer. And the tricorner Tinnie 10 vessel you see below is his creation.

Ruiter — who “notices the unexpected in otherwise ordinary things” and “can’t wait to strip a machine down to the bare parts so that he can start over” — outfitted his boat with white oak floors, a bench with upholstered seating and a four-stroke motor capable of producing 10 HP.

Weighing just 173 pounds and measuring 10 feet in length, the Tinnie can comfortably fit two, and Ruiter has aspirations of creating a summer regatta race featuring the distinctive dinghy.

We don’t know if he’ll be successful, but hey: hope floats.

Images courtesy of Dean Van Dis via Instagram