Vehicles | October 5, 2017 9:00 am

The Next Range Rover Sport Will Be a Lean, Mean, Electric Machine

Land Rover is going all in with its first plug-in SUV

Last month, Jaguar Land Rover announced plans to go all electric starting in 2020. The British carmaker soon proved it was serious by showing off the stunning E-Type Zero.

This month, they’ve all but pledged their allegiance to going electric with the unveiling of the new Range Rover Sport P400e, a true plug-in hybrid that goes substantially farther than Jag’s previous attempts to produce a real Range Rover hybrid.

Unlike the Range Rover hybrid — a model that drew its electric power from regenerative braking and offered just a mile of all-electric driving — the Sport P400e is a real-deal dual threat with a turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine and an electric motor.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery located in the trunk that’s charged via a plug-in point at the front of the SUV, the four-wheel-drive Sport P400e has an all-electric range of 30 miles. Also, the two-pronged powertrain delivers 0-60 in 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 137 MPH.

E-Rover (2 images)

Besides the vastly improved e-power system (which can charge in just 2.5 hours), the new Range Rover Sport features Pixel-laser LED headlights, a “Blade” infotainment system boasting a pair of 10-inch HD touchscreens and a cabin equipped with 14 charging points.

“The new Range Rover Sport strikes a compelling balance between dynamic capability, passenger comfort and efficiency,” said Nick Collins of JLR. “The introduction of our advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain is a watershed moment in the history of our performance SUV.”

Starting around $81,000, deliveries should start at the end of the year and continue on as Jaguar’s electric makeover rolls on toward 2020 and beyond.