Vehicles | November 14, 2017 9:00 am

Ford’s New Desert Racer Concept Yields for No Man

That's OK, you can have the right of way

SEMA, which just wrapped up its 2017 edition, is an annual aftermarket automotive show in Las Vegas where car companies big and small roll out their wildest concepts for the viewing public.

To everyone with a pulse’s dismay, most of the cars there will never hit the consumer market. In the case of Ford’s Performance Department, though, let’s hope that doesn’t bear out.

Because the Project SD126 Desert Racer from BDS Suspension is a stone cold behemoth.

The SD stands for Super Duty, a line of trucks mostly used for blue-collar jobs. Obviously, this truck is anything but. Equipped with 42″ tires and one of BDS’s signature suspension packages, it’s an off-road racer with a short wheelbase (126 inches — hence the name — versus a standard 250’s 142-176 inches) that lends it a lower center of gravity for handling tight turns and unforeseen obstacles on the dirt track.

The engine is a 6.7L V8 powerstroke turbo diesel, and they also added a GPS system to keep you and your co-pilot from getting lost. If you do, though, trust that this car is prepared to get you out of pretty much anywhere.

Full list of specs here.