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The 7 Best Converted Windmill Homes on Airbnb

From old-school turbines in Santorini to coastal California

Those still complaining about wind turbines over their perceived bad looks are morons. What, should we prefer this

That said, it is true that today’s wind turbines are an aesthetic step back from their quaint, pastoral ancestors. Many of those structures remain today, and from smock mills in Germany (once used for drainage) to gristmills in England (once used to mill grain), they’re all postcard fodder of the highest degree. And as many are no longer used to generate power … you can actually stay in ’em. 

To the guy in the back grumbling “now millennials are coming for our windmills?!” … the windmillcation is nothing new. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller stayed in a handsome former gristmill in East Hampton in the late ’50s

And we’re here to tell you that you should, too. This is the entire point of Airbnb. A lot of these properties are not close to major cities. They’re not packed with flat screens or talking fridges. Their rooms tend to be a bit circular. But they’re furnished well for a weekend or two away,  they offer an indelible link to erstwhile harvests and they make for quite a story at your next dinner party. 

So below, we’ve selected seven of our favorites listed on Airbnb, from the English countryside to The Azores to the California coast. Get going, and mind the vanes. 

cali (3 images)

Historic Windmill Silo House
Capitola, California


greece (3 images)

Lilac Windmill Villa
Imerovigli, Greece


uk (4 images)

Seven Storey Windmill
Stoke Ferry, England


azores (4 images)

Moinho das Feteiras
Ponta Delgada, The Azores


gua (3 images)

The Basse-Terre Mill
Pointe Noire, Guadeloupe


am (3 images)

Amsterdam Windmill
Abcoude, Netherlands


france (3 images)

Valley Heart of Moulin Loire
Monts, France


All images from Airbnb
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