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Originally Published April 11, 2019 10:02 am

All the Best Spots in Austin, According to Outdoor Voices Founder Tyler Haney

The longtime ATX resident dishes on breakfast tacos, live music and public pools

Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney speaks at SXSW in 2016
Tyler Haney speaks at SXSW
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At this point, everyone you know’s been to Austin, and possibly lives there (including, uh, you).

And it’s easy to see why: Texas’s capital city is predicated on live music, exercising outdoors and delicious food, and anyone who’s spent a hazy bachelor-party weekend in the city will probably happily regale you with a slew of bars and restaurants that you’ve “absolutely gotta try.”

But with an assist from someone who’s actually lived there since before the Elon Musks of the world moved in, it’s possible to visit some prized local joints a bit off the well-trodden path. To that end, we tagged in Tyler Haney, the founder of Austin-based athleisure brand Outdoor Voices, for some of recommendations.

These days, Haney is still sitting on the board at OV (she rejoined last summer after a yearlong hiatus) and more recently hinted that she’s hard at work on her next enterprise, a new company that will operate in the nascent blockchain sector.

The one thing that we do know is she’s still right at home in ATX; below, she dishes on her favorite spots around town, from her ideal date night to a music venue that specializes in up-and-coming local talent. 

A favorite old Austin spot, and a favorite new spot …
A) Deep Eddy Pool and B) Pool Burger — they’re right next door to each other and happen to be next to our new shop, which is opening later this year!

pool burger
Pool Burger

The best loop for running and biking Austin … 
Lady Bird Lake Trail, a 10-mile loop that surrounds the city of Austin. 

A BBQ spot that the tourists don’t go to but you should … 
Lambert’s is yum. 

Where to bring a book for a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon …
Barton Springs, a natural springs fed pool right in the middle of Austin. This was actually the destination that inspired me to move OV’s HQ to Austin, which we completed in 2017. It’s the fountain of youth!

An ideal date night in Austin …
Two-stepping at White Horse followed by late night drinks at Justine’s on the East Side.

For a weekend trip outside the city …
El Cósmico in Marfa.

El Cósmico
El Cósmico

An underrated place to binge on nature for an afternoon … 
The Greenbelt

A lesser-known music venue to visit that spotlights local talent …
Continental Club.

A spot to day-drink for 4-5 hours …
Easy Tiger.

Shops run by Austin artisans worth patronizing …
Vada Jewelry. It’s all digital so DM her on Instagram and she’ll come to you. I also love Take Heart on E. 11th St.

Austin’s greatest breakfast sandwich is …
Not a breakfast sandwich! Breakfast tacos only. My favorite is the migas taco at Veracruz All Natural.

The best month of the year to visit Austin is …