Tech | July 12, 2017 5:00 am

Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook, and Other Tech Giants Protest Net Neutrality with ‘Day of Action’

Sites will hold digital protests to pressure FCC to stop dismantling net neutrality rules.

Net neutrality maintains a free and fair Internet for all users. (Getty Images)
Net neutrality maintains a free and fair Internet for all users. (Getty Images)

The biggest internet companies are teaming up in the name of fair competition.

Internet companies are joining forces to protest against the Federal Communications Commission’s dismantling of net neutrality regulations on Wednesday. The “Day of Action” involves prominent messages on websites, like Facebook and Netflix, encouraging users to ask the FCC to maintain a free and open Internet.

Adopted in early 2015, net neutrality rules prevent internet service providers from blocking specific websites, charging additional fees for certain content and slowing down sites that stream content. In May, the FCC started breaking down these regulations and sparked criticism from major Internet companies.

Wednesday’s “Day of Action” bears some resemblance to previous protests that were successful, according to Wired. In January 2012, Wikipedia and Google were among numerous sites to black out their pages for a day to raise awareness about SOPA and PIPA, two bills Congress rejected for their draconian views on intellectual property.

In addition to Netflix and Facebook, the “Day of Action” includes Amazon, Google, Reddit, Etsy, PornHub, Spotify, and Twitter. A handful of smaller internet service providers plan to join the protest, too.