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The Rugby Shirt Is Fall’s Most Underrated Garment

Bold new designs will help the Rugby earn its rightful spot in your wardrobe

Best Rugby Shirts

This article is part of our Fall Style Guide, a fortnight-long series aimed at helping you figure out how to dress for the coming season, which, as we’ve become accustomed to saying, isn’t going to be quite like any that came before it. At least you’ll look good, though, right?

The rugby shirt is an underrated item of fall clothing. While people flock to sweaters and shackets, the rugby remains neglected. But it’s time to establish its rightful place in the canon of fall clothing.

The rugby does well in fall because it is usually rendered in a heavyweight durable fabric. It’ll provide just the right amount of warmth and protection against any slight or moderate chill, when a heavy sweater would be overkill. And maybe it’s just the collegiate or preppy associations rugbys tend to inspire, but there’s an inherent autumn-ness to the style.

Below, 12 rugbys you should consider this season.


J.Crew 1984 Rugby Shirt in Stripe

As far as rugbys go, this J.Crew 1984 number looks pretty close to the real deal, or at the least the rugbys popularized in the 80s, thanks to the oversized merlot and cream stripes. The addition of the kangaroo pocket likens it more to your favorite hoodie or sweatshirt, but in an entirely different silhouette.


L.L.Bean Signature Classic Rugby

On those inevitable days when you’re at a loss for what to wear, throw on this Classic Rugby from L.L.Bean with a pair of dark-wash jeans or brown cords, and you’ll have yourself the perfect fall look.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder + Champion Rugby Sweatshirt

Todd Snyder brings the comfort of Champion’s 16-oz. French Terry to the rugby silhouette, offering a piece that’s equal parts comfortable and stylish.

Far Afield

Far Afield Benito Rugby Shirt

Fall is typically a season of neutral hues and rich, dark tones, but it doesn’t have to be. Why rob yourself of a perfectly handsome shirt just because its colorway goes against what’s expected of the season? Take this rugby from Far Afield.


Frog x Noah Rugby

While it might be difficult to notice from farther away, a close look at this rugby from Noah’s collaboration with Frog reveals tiny red, blue and yellow stripes. The optical illusion that stripes provides means you won’t be limited by their primary colors when it comes to styling. And who wouldn’t want that cute lil’ frog accompanying them throughout the day?


The North Face Berkeley Rugby Shirt

Despite the name, it’s easy to forget the original purpose of rugby shirts — to endure rough and often merciless physical activity. Unlike most iterations of the rugby shirt that exist today, whose primary purpose is style rather than functionality, The North Face’s Berkeley Rugby features reinforced seams meant to withstand more arduous activities, so go ahead and roughhouse in this one.

End Clothing

Carhartt WIP Cord Collar Rugby Polo

Rugbys don’t have to have stripes! In fact, they can be entirely devoid of them, like Carhartt WIP’s rugby featuring a corduroy collar. The tan collar contrasts nicely against the rich green of the shirt.

Urban Outfitters

UO Rugby Shirt

For those wary of horizontal stripes, you can still participate in the rugby trend with this vertically striped one from Urban Outfitters. While the silhouette remains classic, the vertical stripes lend the shirt a vibe that’s more mob-boss than prepster. And if you happen to be a Lakers fan, what better way to subtly rep your team?


Madewell Striped Rugby Shirt

Although the larger stripes of this shirt are just a very dark navy rather than true black, it’s contrast against the lighter navy stripes still manages to prove that whoever said navy and black couldn’t go together, was evidently wrong.


Gap Originals Rugby Polo in French Terry

Because real men wear pink (rugbys).


Stüssy O’Dyed Stripe LS Rugby

Indulge your inner skater with streetwear brand Stüssy’s rugby in a muted charcoal color and three equally muted stripes. Think of it as the anti-prep rugby.

Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers End-of-the-Day Rugby

If what you seek is a rugby unlike anyone else’s, Rowing Blazer’s End-of-the-Day Rugby is just what you’re looking for. Each of the shirts is crafted from a compilation of leftover fabric scraps, resulting in bold, clashing shirts that are entirely unique and certainly not for the faint at heart. Even more fun, because the fabrics and patterns of each shirt differ, you won’t know what you’re getting until it arrives.

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