Sports | August 28, 2016 4:00 am

Explore Secret Surf Spots Through a Master’s Lens

California filmmaker Ben Weiland has taken the surfing world by storm, with his expert eye and superb lensman-ship. He made a name for himself with stunning documentaries such as The Cradle of Storms and Faroes: The Outpost Vol. 02. “There aren’t a lot of places anymore where you can come across a perfect wave and have it all to yourself,” Weiland told Surfer magazine. “Well, maybe there are, but they’re definitely not easy to find.” And that might just be the beauty (or irony) of his work: He seems to have no trouble locating the perfect wave, time and time again.

Back in July, Red Bull released its first in a series of short videos by Weiland, entitled Reel Life, taking us in search of surf perfection. See the results below.