Science | November 27, 2016 5:00 am

Adventurers Uncover the Real-Life ‘Batcave’ in Texas

Bracken Cave, right outside of San Antonio, Texas, would be prime real estate for Batman. In the summer months, some 20 million Mexican Free-tailed bats call the cave home, flying 1,000 miles from Mexico to their adopted roost.

Back in January, award-winning filmmaker and photographer Cristian Dimitrius, and Fran Hutchins, director of the Bracken Cave Preserve, traveled together to the cave’s 1,000-foot-wide entrance to take a professional peek inside.

Watch the astonishing video below. (If you’re not a fan of bats, you’ll want to turn away your gaze for the nearly two minute video. Or, if you suck it up and watch, though, it’s surely worth your while.)