San Francisco | June 7, 2018 9:00 am

Forget “Technical Fabrics.” Merino Wool Is Still King.

SF’s CIVIC introduces a line of cozy performance basics

Odds are your favorite underpants are made from a “technical” fabric with a made-up, hard-to-pronounce name.

Odds are that you were also, ahem, fleeced when you bought them.

Enter CIVIC, the new sub-brand from InsideHook favorite Taylor Stitch proffering a capsule collection of very special foundational pieces.

“We thought it was silly for those high-end garments to sit in our closets only to be used a handful of times per year or per season,” said Steven Keyes CIVIC’s brand manager. “So we combined our understanding of performance fabrics with what we’ve learned about fit and construction to create a pared down line of essentials that work for our everyday lives.”

Below, a breakdown of what you’ll get with the tightly edited three-piece collection. Let the wicking begin.

CIVIC boxers ($55)

Do we even have to talk about merino’s advantages in breathability and coolness, for this particular item? No, we don’t. Expect a tight fit (they call it “athletic”).

CIVIC socks ($22.50)

Do you care that the merino wool fibers in your socks will carry an alkaline charge, which’ll make them better equipped to attract acidic sweat molecules, and neutralize them? Eh—even art majors will grok that these socks are miraculously odor resistant.

CIVIC tee ($55)

The merino gives this tee a drapier feel than straight-up cotton, which dresses up the most basic of all basic garments.

Want to make your life even easier? Just buy the basics bundle, with a tidy discount factored in.