News & Opinion | September 19, 2016 9:00 am

You Mean to Tell Us This Used to Be a ’67 Honda Supersport?

Saigon's Bandit9 turns trash into treasure — again

You can rub your eyes and tap your heels together all you want, Dorothy: Saigon-based Bandit9’s new design, the Eve MK II, is no dream.

In fact, it’s not even relatively new: the bike is a clever — and stunning — re-think of a 1967 Honda Supersport.

Known for making futuristic motos  out of vintage donor bikes, Bandit9 combined the tank, seat and rear cowl into one gleaming piece of steel before dressing the whole package up with handcrafted details like a cowhide leather seat, custom exhaust, exposed suspension and an electric starter. The silver bullet is powered by an air-cooled single cylinder 125cc engine with a four-speed transmission that can dial up a completely adequate 68-MPH top speed.

“While everyone tends to go old-school on their custom designs with a few tweaks to make it look current, we tend to ignore the past and just make leaps forward,” says shop founder Daryl Villanueva.

A working piece of art, the Bandit9 team has produced a limited crop of just nine Eve MK II models specifically for the MAD Gallery, with each model running about $15,000 plus tax and shipping.

See what makes these innovative fellas tick below.