New York | June 2, 2015 9:00 am

It’s Raining. It’s Pouring. Put This on.

Stylish new rain gear from Brooklyn's Spiewak

By The Editors

Crap bit of weather we’re having.

Tomorrow: brief respite.

Thursday: right back in the deluge.

It pays to be prepared. Start with a hundred-year-old jacket.

That is, one of the handsome new rain pieces from historic Brooklyn outfit Spiewak, now available for your rain-foiling pleasure.

Spiewak’s been at it since 1904, when their founder arrived from Poland and began producing handmade sheepskin vests for Brooklyn dockworkers.

That century of know-how has now been parlayed into Spiewak’s first run of lifestyle rainwear — a deft combo of hydrophobic tech and tailored streetwear punch.

The styles to keep your eye on:

Tekora Summer N3B: Heavy-duty nylon with taped zippers, a slim cut and a high-collared hood that looks stylish down and keeps the rain off up.

Waxed Uniform Parka: Slightly more heavy duty than the Tekora with two rear commuter pockets for gear.

Narifuri M43 Field Jacket: A collab with Japanese cycling line Narifuri, the Field Jacket boasts a military silhouette with low-key camo under the collar.

Narifuri Westside Shirt Jacket: Super lightweight and waterproof. For the drizzly days.

And the rest of your rain gear, should you be in the market:
The umbrella you can’t lose
The waterproof sheaths to protect those dress shoes
The slim-yet-impenetrable iPhone case