Home Goods | October 3, 2016 9:00 am

Leave It to the Swiss to Build a Sauna That Fits Pretty Much Anywhere

No living room *needs* one, but you might as well ...

Full-on saunas are just a normal part of the household in some corners of the world. Take Finland, where, according to Dezeen, there are three million saunas. That’s roughly one for every adult member of the population. 

Of course, in other corners of the world, they’re less common. Like Switzerland, where living quarters are tight, and a Big Mac costs $15. 

Perhaps that’s the inspiration for Swiss sauna manufacturer Küng’s reimagining of the living room as a space for both watching TV and getting your sauna on … all at once, if you angle the television in exactly the right way, thanks to their new sauna’s notably glass walls. 

These units are seriously tiny, meant to fit in any space-squeezed Euro apartment: at two square meters (21.5 square feet), we’re talking barely bigger than a dining room table. In this case, that dining room table comes with your choice of sauna experience, selected via touchpad, as well as an aromatherapy option. Users can choose from a Finnish-style sauna (low humidity, high temps) or a more steam-style version.

Küng debuted the new collection of saunas at 100% Design in London in late September.

We call that prime early sauna season.

In Finland, they probably call it, well … whatever’s Finnish for September.