Home Goods | December 23, 2016 9:00 am

The Pod Is the Swiss Army Knife of Furniture

It's like a race car bed for upwardly mobile man children

While we’re not overly envious of the 40% of millennials who live with their parents, we have started to get a bit jealous about an option that lifestyle now provides: adult race car beds.

Designed to put all the conveniences of home within arm’s reach, the Pod combines a bed, 32-inch flatscreen TV,  speaker system with subwoofers, reading lamp, bookshelf and all sorts of charging ports into a single piece of eight-foot-long remote-controlled furniture.

Perfect for work, play or maybe even building a little fort when you’re playing hooky, the Pods are available for rent for about $44 per month, which is a pretty good deal if you consider that they include a free cleaning session and a free move to another spot.

The catch — because of course there’s a catch— is that that move is only available within the three cities where the Pod has been made available thus far: Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

Wanna see if you can do some Art Vandelay-style importing? Shoot ‘em an email.