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Head-Turning Private Aircraft Interiors



When it comes to private aviation, it’s what’s inside that matters the most. Sure the technical specs of a plane or helicopter will get you to your destination, but their interiors determine your comfort level and experience. For some in-air designers, the sky’s the limit. RealClearLife has rounded up some of the most luxurious aircraft interiors below.


Bespoke 525 Relentless by Bell Helicopter

A medium-lift commercial helicopter, this custom VIP 525 Relentless comes outfitted with an 88-square-foot cabin that can seat up to 20. The standard VIP cabin has space for 16, with oversized executive chairs, conference table, and a small galley. The 525 Relentless is the first commercial helicopter with a fly-by-wire cockpit, so the pilots will arrive in style, too. Reaching speeds up to 178 miles per hour, the luxury chopper can fly up to 575 miles on a full tank.

(Bell) (Bell)

VIP Cabin by Mercedes-Benz Style and Lufthansa Technik

Unveiled at the Dubai Air Show, this collaborative design takes the style elements of a Mercedes-Benz and the utilities of a Lufthansa aircraft and injects them into a luxury cabin for medium and short-haul jets. Redesigned from a plane configured to seat 150 passengers, the interior features a unique helix layout, with alternating seating and rooms on either side, which provide space for 16. The cabin’s center is home to a lounge with a fish tank. In the front, there is an open foyer, private bedroom, galley, and bathroom. The aft features an entertainment area in addition to a master bedroom complete with a king-sized bed and free-standing shower.

(Mercedes-Benz Style) (Mercedes-Benz Style)


Sky Yacht One by Embraer Executive Jets and SottoDesign

The Sky Yacht One is a customized version of Embraer’s Lineage 1000E, which has a range of 4,600 nautical miles. The interiors overall aesthetic was influenced by Renaissance-style woodwork. Boarding the opulent jet, passengers step onto a custom-designed Fornasetti carpet and see hand-painted nautical details on the mahogany panels. The main cabin features Fornasetti china, Reidl crystal, and executive chairs with in-seat controls. Sky Yacht One’s hallmark feature is the master bedroom, lined in padded suede and underscored by book-lined Macassar walls and paneled ceiling.

(SottoDesign) (SottoDesign)


Casino Jet Lounge by Airjet Designs

The brainchild of a French design company, the Casino Jet Lounge brings the luxury and excitement of gambling in Monaco to the skies. With seating selected by Designesecence, the cabin features modular seating in clusters as well as a bar and blackjack table. With inset LED lighting and vibrant LCD screens, this lounge might as well be the next location for a James Bond fight sequence. Based off the interior of the Boeing 777, the Casino Jet Lounge has huge implications for commercial airliners as the possibilities continue to expand.

(Airjet Designs) (Airjet Designs)


Private Dreamliner 787-9 ‘Living Wall’ by Edese Doret

Commissioned for a private client, the 6,640-foot cabin is suited for entertaining up to 14 guests in this customized Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. A contemporary design with Middle Eastern influences, the luxury jet—which seats up to 500 people—has two lounges and a dining room with teak flooring, mosaic wall tiles, and a star-like LED system in the ceiling. Separated by a spiral staircase, the master bedroom features a “living wall,” or panels of plants comprising the surface behind the headboard. Aside from bringing a bit of Earth into the sky, the plants naturally help clean the air throughout the flight.

(Edese Doret) (Edese Doret)