These Scandinavian-Style Prefab Cabins Involve Saunas, Outdoor Showers

Few practices allow me to channel Zombieland’s Rule #32 — “Appreciate the Little Things” — better than an outdoor shower. Well, maybe an outdoor shower with a shower beer.

Point is, once your bare, pleasant necessities are covered, you don’t need much else.

Living this credo is Koto, a UK-based prefab housing startup that churns out off-the-shelf cabins with 1-4br floorplans … which, yes, can include an outdoor shower. Or a sauna, if that’s more your speed.

koto (6 images)

Koto means “cozy at home” in Finnish, and these cabins are indubitably cozy, if not borderline tiny home-ish at a range of 430-1,600-square feet. But that’s sort of the point. Founded this past January by Johnathon and Zoe Little, who spent the last decade involved with architecture in Oslo, the Nordic-inspired dojos employ timber frames (constructed by Northern Irish company Kudos) and expansive windows for a healthy dosage of natural light. And they’re sandwiched under wedge-shaped roofs meant to make the cabins feel larger.

Inside, there are fold-out beds, concealed closets and a burning stove and bathroom, among a dressed-down decor that’d have a hard time accumulating too much dust.

Find more information on commissiong a cabin here. And don’t forget to add the outdoor shower. And bring the beer.