Iceland Is Hoping to Build Its Own Great Pyramids

Volcanoes, geysers, aurora borealis, oh my.

Iceland’s natural wonders have been an open secret for a little while now.

But few know about the island’s push into stunning manmade wonders, most recently releasing visualizations for a mountain shelter that’s primed for the nation’s rugged trails. The environs, conceptualized by Swedish-owned Utopia Arkitekter, is named Skýli (Icelandic for “shelter”) and was nominated for an award at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin.

The mountain refuge would feature a zany four-pyramidal design, floor to ceiling triangular windows, north and south entrances to brace wind impact, and a steel exterior doused in electric blue that tributes the bright colors of Reykjavik. It’s capable of housing up to 15 weary travelers, and most incredibly … could be brought to life with the help of a helicopter in three days or less.

Just a tad quicker than it took the volcanoes.

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