Home & Design | February 21, 2023 12:01 pm

The Briiv Air Filter Is Beautiful — But Does It Really Work?

At the very least, it'll look great on your Instagram

The Briiv Air filter on a gray background
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I work from home now, so I’ve begun optimizing my space. The first step was adding lighting that wouldn’t hurt my eyes when I read late at night. I’ve also added speakers and cushions and products to help with ergonomics, but the most recent item on my list to buy was an air purifier. One of my main complaints about air purifiers is that are all hideous looking. I’ve heard good things about the Dyson model, but it’s also a hulking machine that has a futuristic design and would be out of place in my home. I recently came across this air purifier from a UK brand I founx on Huckberry. The Briiv Air Filter is beautiful — it looks like a terrarium, but it is in fact an air purifier designed to keep your air free of allergens, exhaust, dander and other junk you don’t want to breathe in.

Beyond looking good, the brand also uses reindeer lichen and coconut instead of HEPA filters. They say that these two natural alternatives are just as effective as HEPA filters but are fully biodegradable as well. I was especially skeptical about the claims that it could work as well as a traditional HEPA filter — the purifier has no sensors and therefore no data on air quality. To put it to the test, I spent a month with it, using it at least once daily. Here’s what I found.

Setting up:

This air purifier is very easy to set up. All you need to do is plug it in, add the coconut puck, pull the moss out of the bag and add it on top (be careful though, the moss will stain your hands green if you touch it too long). From there, it will begin its first one-hour cycle.

What works:

• It pairs function and design beautifully. Most air purifiers look like window AC units. The Briiv looks more like a potted plant. It is beautiful to look at and definitely not an eyesore.

• One of my favorite things about this is that you can use it without it being plugged in because moss on its own has traditionally been used as a natural air filter. That means you can situate it anywhere in the room, and you’re not restricted by power outlets. This is an excellent addition, since dangling wires would ruin its otherwise clean, elegant design.

What needs work:

• The app was confusing. It took me over 10 tries to connect to it properly, and I found it to be rather bare-bones. But you can also control the Briiv using touch controls, so it wasn’t a deal-breaker

• There are four speed options and no real way to tell which is right for your space. The first speed is barely audible and can be used throughout the day. The highest speed option is about as loud as a desk fan. Beyond that, the interface to select the speed is a little unfriendly, and several times I had to stand and wave my hand in front of it like a madman to get it to the level I wanted it to be at.

• I tried burning things and scratching my dog to release dander, and to be honest, I can’t completely confirm if it works or if it’s all placebo because it has no sensors and therefore provides no scientific air quality data. 

The verdict:

While the Briiv is excellent looking, its price tag makes it a luxury item. If you’re anxious about air quality, this won’t tell you anything about how good (or bad) it is in your home, so this might not be the one for you. But if you care equally about design and air quality, but you’re willing to sacrifice any real-life data about your air quality, then this is a great option. Is it capable of clearing up a smoky room? No. But can it freshen up a stale room? As well as any other air purifier, probably. If you want a plant that you can’t kill, that would look great on your Instagram and that might make your air cleaner, you could certainly do worse.