Review: Does the Our Place Perfect Pot Deserve a Spot in Your Kitchen?

Turns out it offers more than just good looks

January 23, 2023 10:28 am
An Our Place Perfect Pot in green on a teal and blue background
Getty Images / InsideHook

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You’ve probably heard of Our Place by now. And by heard, I mean seen the brand’s Always Pan plastered all over your Instagram feed. I’ve always wondered if the brand was worth all the attention it seemed to be getting, and while I still have yet to try the ever-popular pan, I did get the chance to try the brand’s more recent release, the Perfect Pot.


• 5.5qt capacity

• Non-stick ceramic coating

• Modular lid

• Aluminum Body (for even heat distribution)

• Custom roasting rack

• Beechwood Spoon (with two holding options)

• Pour Spout

What Works:

• The Perfect Pot was designed to replace 8 pieces of cookware: the stockpot, dutch oven, sauce pan, roasting rack, steamer, strainer, braiser and spoon rest. With a 5.5-quart capacity, it looks like a Dutch Oven from the outside, but it is a bit different. It’s made of cast aluminum, which makes it much lighter than a traditional cast iron dutch oven (it weighs in at just 4.5 pounds), and it’s finished with the same slippery, nontoxic nonstick coating you’ll find on the Always Pan.

• On top of the materials, this pot is loaded with convenient features that just make the cooking experience easier. There’s a strainer built right into the lid, so no more pouring your pasta into a colander. The pot also has a pour spout so draining liquids is simple. I found these features to be particularly useful because I didn’t need to take out or clean any more dishes. The pot comes with a notched wooden spoon that rests easily on the lid for a convenient, mess-free holding place while you work. There’s truly nothing worse than having to put your wooden spoon down on a dirty counter space or spoon rest and tainting it with germs before it goes back in the pot.

Cooking With the Perfect Pot

• I consider myself an enthusiastic home cook — a level 2 chef, if you’re a fan of the Epicurious “4 levels” YouTube series. I know a thing or two about cooking and I love good food, but when I cook, I value convenience over all else. If that’s how you identify, I think you’ll really love the Perfect Pot.

• Because it’s so lightweight and beyond easy to clean (when they say slippery nonstick, they mean it), I find myself going to my Perfect Pot for just about everything. Boiling pasta, steaming veggies on the included roasting rack, and making fresh stock are just some of the ways I’ve enjoyed this pot thus far. Sure, it’s far bigger than the small stockpot I could use to make my single serving of pasta for dinner, but it’s lighter and, with two handles, easier to maneuver to the sink for straining and cleaning.

What needs work:

• It’s oven safe up to 425℉, which should work for a low and slow roast chicken, but many bread and baking recipes require higher temperatures, which this pot can’t handle. Another use case where the Perfect Pot may not fare as well is for braising, simply because the nonstick coating doesn’t really allow for those yummy, sticky bits that collect on the pan (aka fond). You certainly can still braise meats in this pot though, you just might not get the depth of flavor you would with a true dutch oven. So, if you’re a serious baker or a braised-short rib connoisseur, don’t ditch your dutch oven just yet.


This pot, in its gorgeous Azul glory, looks great displayed on my stovetop. I can’t wait to have a dinner party, partially because I already have the best centerpiece. And yes, I mean the pot. If you’re like me, and you value convenience, ease of use and good looks, this pot will serve you well.


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