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Airstream’s Pint-Sized Nest Is Finally Ready to Leave the Roost

Well this coincides nicely with your impending life crisis ...

Update April 13, 2018

The American RVing community is growing like a weed. Industry-wide sales were up 17% in 2017, and we’ve covered so many new models and companies in recent years that it’s difficult to keep them all straight.

But if there’s one name that every intrepid road-tripper knows, its Nest, the caravan company that Airstream acquired in 2016 before their prototype — the small, stylish, plastic tow-behind model you see above — even hit the market.

And now, finally, you can own one. Airstream just announced that they’ll be shipping the first batch of Nests to dealers this month, with pricing starting at $45,900. While that’s a bargain by Airstream standards (their full-size “Classic” model will run you somewhere on the order of $140,000), it’s definitely at the pricier end of the spectrum for compact units.

For more information on availability or to find a dealer near you, visit Airstream’s website.

Last week Airstream published photos of its newest model — the 16-foot-long Nest — being handcrafted on the production line in Jackson Center, Ohio.  

Designed to be aerodynamic and sleek, the exterior shell of the Nest is molded from fiberglass into three separate portions (top, bottom, and rear) and then fine-tuned by a craftsman. Once the pieces are all up to code and pass a final quality inspection, they’re put together.


Nest Production (4 images)

“Outside and inside, Nest is the perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity,” Airstream says. “Minimalist modern design is everywhere, and form and function come together to create a trailer that’s as appealing for its looks as it is for the adventures you’ll have in it.”

Even though the trailer looks like it’s already ready to roll, Airstream says the Nest is coming to market in early 2018.

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