History | October 4, 2017 5:00 am

JFK’s Speedboat and Other Personal Items Head to Auction

The historic items from Camelot also include letters to Churchill and FDR's son.

Auction house Guernsey’s is putting a range of historical items from late President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy on the block in its October 7th “The Kennedy Era” auction.

One of the highlights of the auction is a 1961 Century Resorter Speedboat, named “RESTOFUS”. The boat, which has been restored to working condition, was won by Joseph Kennedy in a church raffle and became the JFK’s personal boat. After his death it became the property of Senator Edward M. Kennedy and then to its current owners in Cape Cod.

John F. Kennedy’s varnished mahogany speedboat, named “RESTOFUS,” in restored working condition with an inboard motor, complete with trailer. This boat was won by Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., in a church raffle and became John F. Kennedy’s personal boat. (Guernseys)

Another item of note from the auction is the naval issued ceremonial sword of Lieutenant Henry E. Hirschy Jr. The sword was one of the two that guarded President Kennedy’s coffin in the East Room and remained on the catafalque during the thirty day mourning period after his burial.


The United States Navy Issued Ceremonial Sword of Lieutenant Henry E. Hirschy Jr. Plaque. This sword was one of two sword’s that guarded President Kennedy’s coffin. (Guernseys)

The collection of items featured in the sale come from numerous consignors. The core of the lot comes from Lt. Henry Hirschy, who was stationed in the White House throughout JFK’s presidency and Jacqueline Kennedy’s personal secretary, Mary Gallagher.

Take a look at a selection of items from the auction below. To see the rest of the memorabilia up for auction click here.

John F. Kennedy’s personal H. Upmann Cuban Cigars. Kennedy had his Press secretary secure a delivery of his beloved cigars on the eve of the bill that solidified U.S. trade embargo with Cuba which would prohibit Cuban products from entering the country. (L) Majestic 5.5″ cigar and No. 2 6.1″ cigar (R) Two unsmoked 5.4″ Cuban cigarillos (Guernsey’s)
Three sheets of detailed instructions and two sheets of original sketches, handwritten and drawn by Jaqueline Kennedy. Notes and sketches were addressed to Mary Gallagher, on White House stationery, in regards to a 10th wedding anniversary gift for President John F. Kennedy. (Guernseys)
Original draft of a historic letter from President John F. Kennedy to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in 1962, bearing President Kennedy’s handwritten notations, on White House stationery. The letter requests Sir Winston’s consent to the mutual honor of allowing the United States to name a Polaris nuclear submarine, the USS Winston Churchill. (Guernseys)
John F Kennedy’s signed State of the Union Address, dated January 30, 1961. Rare sixteen-page original manuscript typed on official legal paper watermarked with the Presidential Seal, signed by John F Kennedy in black ink on the last page. (Guernsey’s)
JFK’s draft typed letter to FDR’s son James Roosevelt with handwritten edits. (Guernseys)
Dark brown Leather G-1 Bomber Jacket purchased for John F. Kennedy in December 1962. Tailored to fit the president, this unworn jacket never made it into the President’s wardrobe as he was assassinated before it was needed. (Guernsey’s)