| March 23, 2022 12:10 pm

Review: Now I Want to Wear Tights All the Time, Thanks to MATADOR Meggings

Suns out, buns out

a model on train tracks wearing Matador Meggings

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I, an evolved man, wear tights. This is not a particularly new development for me, nor for men in general. Leggings have wormed their way into many a wardrobe as the go-to bottom for any athletic pursuit. I swear by my half-tights when I run, I refuse to wear anything but leggings for my leg days, and I’ll even take the occasional tights-only hike, weather permitting. And with MATADOR Meggings, I’m on the precipice of a new frontier: casual tights. Care to join me?

You may be left wondering just what casual tights actually are. And I don’t blame you for the sinking feeling you’re experiencing right now. But the two most pressing issues with a casual tights outing — coverage and breathability — become non-factors with a functional base layer like the ones made by fitness apparel outfitters MATADOR. They specialize in guy-friendly, ergonomically sound tights, designed with the idea that the fellows should be able to wear some spandex, too, and crafted with movement in mind. Their “Megging” style is the closest we’ve come to perfecting a tight for daily wear. Here’s why.

a model wearing matador meggings

The first issue is not expressly a “casual tights” problem, but rather a qualm with the style as a whole. Too often, compression tights can leave you feeling exposed, for a variety of reasons. Thin fabric, a too-snug fit, the odd cut… the list goes on and on. The Meggings address this problem head-on with their patented SCC (that’s soft crotch cup) insert, tastefully concealing any outlines or unwanted bulging that can come with a compression fit. And for the less modest man, the cup is fully removable.

Breathability, too, becomes a factor if your leggings session is going to extend outside the walls of the gym. A secure, taped-down fit is great for that HIIT class, but chaffing, unwanted swampy conditions and more can put a real damper on a day of adventurous style. The polyester-lycra blend that Meggings utilizes features a sweat-wicking, feather-weight, four-way stretch fit that puts even your most comfortable sweats to shame.

Of course, even if you’re not a die-hard like me, Matador Meggings are still excellent for all the aforementioned workout purposes. The details are there — notably, very good pockets for stashing your phone and other goodies, which the versions by athletics giants tend to lack — and the same thing that makes these so great to wear on the daily means you’ll be left smiling and satisfied post-gym sesh. They’re also sleek enough that they can be worn underneath shorts.

One item of note? The Meggings runs small — make sure to really check sizing for the optimal fit.

If you’re already a tights convert, then think of Meggings as the best new iteration of your preferred pants. If you’re on the fence, they’re a great place to start. Don’t knock it until you try it!