Health & Fitness | February 22, 2021 11:14 am

Deal: Your Home Gym Could Use a TRX Suspension Trainer, Now on Sale

Grab discounts on the versatile, low-impact equipment

TRX full body workout bundle
TRX: A home gym that actually works and can fit in a bag.

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Back in August when we asked 10 trainers what their desert island fitness gear of choice would be, we pretty much knew before we asked the question that someone would say TRX. The suspension training system is easy to set up, can be used as the basis for countless exercises (unlike your normal set of weights) and is low impact when you’re trying to build up any areas where you feel weak (knees, back, etc.). 

If that sounds like the home-gym equipment you’ve been missing, TRX is currently throwing a sale on a number of all-in-one packages.

There are a few different options available, but we’d recommend the Full Body Workout Bundle. It’s the same price as their base-level Home2 System and includes everything you’ll get in that package, plus a variety of resistance bands and a water bottle. Oh, and they’ll even throw in free shipping.