Health & Fitness | June 8, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s Your Grocery List for Superior Complexion

Six literal recipes for good-looking skin, from the inside out

A bad diet shows up on your face faster than your waistline — and bad skin is unnecessarily aging.

Luckily, the best thing for your complexion is also the quickest fix for your body: a recipe full of whole foods, ideally prepared at home with a diet heavy on the fruit and veg. Here, a selection of the five foods (plus a liquid-y bonus) that’ll get you sorted out. Note: these aren’t diet recipes — they’re just super tasty and good for your face.

This oily fish is a smorgasbord for your face thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids. Result: reduced dryness and faster healing.

Try it in: mango-glazed salmon

Berries, especially the blue ones, are famous for their antioxidant qualities. Antioxidants are known to act as powerful anti-agers, which means they’ll reduce inflammation and wrinkles while improving elasticity.

Try them in: blueberry flax pancakes

Luckily they’re abundant this time of year. They’re also a top source of lycopene, which may also offer antioxidant benefits.

Try them in: pasta with oven-dried tomatoes

Another top source for antioxidants, as well as Vitamin C.

Try them in: mixed-greens salad with strawberries, turkey, and kiwis

These slippery guys contain zinc and other minerals that boost cell production and keep your skin from looking dull. Plus they’re delicious.

Try them in: grilled oysters with garlic-herb butter

Everyone knows about the 6-8 glasses a day guideline, though some hardcores think the benefits of prodigious hydration only really kick in at two liters, spurring higher energy levels and kickstarting weight loss — YMMV. Either way, dehydration is the fastest path to dry, unhappy skin.

Try it in: pineapple-mint infused water