Gear | June 30, 2017 9:00 am

A Folding Grill So Small You’ll Probably Lose It in Your Backpack

Folding steel grill: So hot about 15 minutes from now

Whether you’re cooking out in the country or on a rooftop in the city, there are just three absolutely crucial elements for a great feast: meat, heat and steel.

If you’ve got the first two covered, George Rizkalla of Wolf and Grizzly has last one on lock.

Frustrated that he could never find a compact camping grill that looked good and was well designed and portable, the founder of the Canada-based outdoor company spent 18 months designing a compact and collapsible cooker. He’s finally sharing the result, dubbed the WG Grill, with the world.

Constructed from 100% stainless steel, the adjustable grill, which is only two pieces and sets up in seconds,  weighs a tick over two pounds and is smaller in diameter than a water bottle when it’s broken down.

WG Grill (4 images)

In addition to its simple design, the WG Grill can be set up in either “high” mode for grilling over a wood fire, “low” mode for using on charcoal or a “stay flat” mode that allows it to be propped up on rocks or pavement.

“One of the criteria that exists in our industrial design philosophy is that every product we make must age beautifully,” Rizkalla tells us. “This grill looks better and better with each use, because it develops a patina. That is to say, it develops a natural, unique and distinct character — because that’s precisely what adventure should do.”

Currently funding on Kickstarter, you can score one of the little guys for $100