Gear | October 30, 2017 9:00 am

So Sony Just Made a Surround Sound Scarf

Well this oughta be fun with horror movies ...

There’s a new trend happening in the world of personal entertainment.

And it’s as simple as throwing a pair of speakers on your neck.

Sony just announced its SRS-WS1 Wearable Neck Speaker, a wireless sound system that rests on a wearer’s shoulders instead of their ears. Designed for use at home with a TV or PC, the SRS-WS1’s 30mm speakers deliver sounds and vibrations that replicate the experience of seeing a sporting event live or watching a movie in the theater.

Neck Speakers (3 images)

“With ease of just placing wireless speakers on the shoulder, we realize a sound field and vibration feeling that we have never seen before,” according to Sony Japan. “It brings a new experience as if you are on the spot in watching movies, live images, or games.”

Sony’s not the first to this market — both LG and Bose released versions earlier this year. Whether or not they’ll ever catch on, we’ll have to wait and see.