Gear | July 8, 2021 11:34 am

Deal: Solo Stove Just Added a Cast-Iron Grill and Hub (and It’s on Sale)

Preorders for these clever grill accessories are up to 35% off

Bonfire Cooking Bundle from Solo Stove, now available for pre-order
The Bonfire Cooking Bundle from Solo Stove, now available for preorder.
Solo Stove

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We’re big fans of the Solo Stove, an incredibly efficient and easy-to-use fire pit.

Now, the company has added a modular cast-iron grill system designed for cooking atop their signature portable camping stove, and it arrives with deals in place.

The Cast Iron Grill and Hub, available separately for those who already own a Solo Stove and also in discounted bundles for those who want to buy everything at once, features a nonstick, pre-seasoned surface on the pan and wide grates to allow your wood-fired flavor to seep in. The grill docks into the Hub, which interlocks with the Solo Stove and provides a six- to eight-inch lift.

Grill accessories for the Solo Stove
The new grill accessories are available for three different Solo Stove sizes
Solo Stove

Up for pre-sale and shipping in early August, the Cast Iron Grill and Hub is currently available as a Grill Accessory Bundle (currently $130-$230, normally $215-$400) for campers who already own a Solo Stove Fire Pit. If you want the grill and Solo Stove all at once, the Fire Pit Cooking Bundle ($360-$715, down from $535-$1090) includes a Fire Pit, Stand, Hub and Cast Iron Grill.