Gear | April 13, 2016 9:00 am

Someone Give Coleman’s New National Park Gear a Merit Badge

It’s about to get real ‘Merican up in here

By The Editors

Coleman is as synonymous with camping gear and coolers as Yogi Bear is with stealing them.

So it’s only fitting that the classic outdoor brand has signed on to produce a limited edition line of products to celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service in 2016.

Designed to “ensure Americans are well equipped to create outdoor memories” while visiting the parks for free from April 16-24 and beyond, the five-piece line features a grill, stove, cooler and two lanterns. Outfitted in khaki, forest green and stamped with the 2016 centennial logo, the commemorative quintet should be on store shelves any day now.

Here’s what to expect.

Nostalgia Lantern, $149.99
Sporting a classic look and a body made entirely of metal, the 700-lumen lantern is a throwback to yesteryear.

Steel Belted Cooler, $199.99
A 54-quart icebox with stainless-steel handles, rubber grips and enough room for 85 adult beverages.

FyreKnight Stove, $149.99
Equipped with wind-blocking technology and the ability to boil water twice as fast as classic stoves.

Roadtrip X-Cursion Grill, $229.99
The design of this ultra-portable grill makes it good for cooking burgers at basecamp or the summit.

Northstar Lantern, $64.99
A modified version of a popular propane lantern, this 1540-lumen unit can be dimmed low for moments of tentside romance … or close encounters with the bear kind.