Gear | January 6, 2016 9:00 am

Foldable TV Folds, Can Still TV Afterward

LG’s new 18-inch OLED TV rolls up like a newspaper

By The Editors

While recent improvements in the average TV’s screen-size-to-weight ratio mean fewer hernias, thrown-out backs and assorted “It’s fine; I can handle it” injuries, the age of the truly portable big screen remains hypothetical.

But not necessarily for long.

Your savior: LG, who are set to announce plans for a new tube sporting a flexible, 18-inch screen that rolls up like a newspaper at CES 2016. It’s one of the next step for LG’s signature OLED displays — aka “organic light-emitting diodes” that project a picture from within.  

Rollable displays are just one of the “dynamic forms” that LG hopes OLED technology can achieve; they’re also expected to showcase a new 55-inch “paper-thin” model built on similar technology at their CES showcase.

Stay tuned.