Gear | August 5, 2021 11:07 am

Deal: Leatherman’s Do-It-All Repair Kit Is on Sale

This web-exclusive bundle, featuring the Wave+ multitool, is 25% off

All the tools and gear in the Leatherman Wave+ Repair Kit, including the multitool as well as paracord, matches, a sewing kit and more.
You get all of this, for not much more than the price of the multitool alone.

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Roadside hiccups happen when you least expect them. I learned that the hard way when my car died unexpectedly in rural Kansas, succumbing to triple-digit heat. At the time, I was lucky enough to stumble upon an auto parts store with a set of tools. But what I really needed was a repair kit that could help me manage the unforeseen mechanical setback. I needed something like Leatherman’s all-encompassing Wave+ Repair Kit that’s currently on sale.

The star of this kit is, of course, the Leatherman Wave+. Capable and reliable, I’ve already named it the best multitool of 2021, but here it’s accompanied by a series of other tools that include paracord, matches, cable ties, repair ribbon and even a sewing kit. From camping trips to long journeys in the car, this do-it-all ensemble is ready for just about anything. Even if roadside services are a call away, it pays to have equipment on hand that’s perfect in a pinch.