Gear | October 26, 2017 9:00 am

Fuji’s Newest Printer Turns Your Square Pics Into Forevergrams

The palm-sized gadget is filter- and caption-friendly, too

The problem with your favorite Instagram pic?

It’s a fleeting digital memory, and will be buried in your feed. A quick scroll and it’s basically erased.

Helping you store that memory, in paper: the Instax Share SP-3 from Fujifilm. The palm-sized wireless printer allows you to print social media’s notoriously square pics from Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, flickr and Dropbox, all in about 13 seconds.

The prints themselves feature print pixels of 800 x 800 dots and of 318 dpi. You can add text to the photos before you print, filter your images (a la Instagram), split one image into two and create collages. And the “Real Time Template” option allows you to take a picture with the date, place, weather, temperature and humidity printed on the pic.

Available in white or black, the SP-3 goes on sale in November for $199.