Gear | April 11, 2017 9:00 am

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Whose House Is Smartest of Them All?

If Patrick Bateman had designed Alexa, she'd look like this

That tired mug in the mirror staring back at you every morning?

Now tired and useful!

Bringing to the now what future-forward pop culture has promised us for years, Duo is a mirror that doubles as an AI-powered computer.

A 27” HD screen that’s just 19mm thick, Duo is a five-point multi-touch reflective surface that also interacts with your voice. You can stream videos, get weather updates and news, control the smart devices in your house and even play games. Several native apps are in the works, which you work by dragging them down on the mirror.

As for your AI: Its name is “Albert” (which you can change), and it works just like Siri/Alexa.

Oh, and since it’s the first thing that popped in your mind: “Duo’s reflective surface will be treated with a coat of anti-fingerprint (oleophobic) treatment before shipping.”

Duo is currently available for pre-order at $399 ($200 off the retail price). Shipping is set for October 2017.