Gear | September 5, 2017 9:00 am

Yes, It’s an IMAX for Your Face

No, it's nothing like 'A Clockwork Orange.' Hopefully.

Since we’re no longer going to the movies, Hollywood wants to bring them to you.

Starting with your face.

That sounds like a threat, but relax: Cinera is being touted as an “immersive personal theater headset.” (Not, you know, the Ludovico Technique.) While it looks like a clunky pair of VR eyeglasses, the set arrives with some serious cinema-like advantages.

Cinera (3 images)

To start, dual 2.5K displays and a 66-degree field of vision promise IMAX-like views and brighter, more colorful 3D — the makers tout the picture as three times sharper than a movie screening, four times sharper than a typical VR set and eight times the resolution of the iPhone 7+ screen.

A mechanical arm means you’ll be watching this hands-free, too (and without messing up your hair!). The set works in tandem with pretty much any device, be it a gaming console, Blu-ray player or streaming service like Netflix. And if you decide to add the optional First-Person View head mount, you can control your drone — you do have a drone, yes? — with the tilt of your head.

The usual caveat emptors about Kickstarter projects apply here, though demo units have been tested at a number of electronics/hardware conventions (successfully). Current preorders start at $449, with expected retail to be closer to $799, with an estimated delivery in November.