Food & Drink | January 8, 2018 9:00 am

Move Over Box Wine, We’ve Now Got … Whisky Capri Suns!

Keep out of reach of children

From cured meats to sexy photobooks, there’s a monthly subscription club for pretty much anything you can think of, even whisky.

That’s why it’s hardly news a new Scotch subscription club, Whisky Me, launched late last year. But this one has an odd, rather nostalgic distinction: Whisky Me’s monthly Scotch offerings are delivered in five-ounce pouches that look an awful lot like Capri Suns.

Packaged in such a way so that they can be delivered through a mail slot, the single-malt servings include selections from UK distillers like Royal Lochnagar and The Macallan.

“Every month our members receive one of our revolutionary whisky pouches through their mailbox,” the club says. “Inside the pouch is a whisky that’s been hand selected by our tasting panel to best represent the glorious flavours and diversity of single malt whisky.”

Starting at about $10 a month, membership includes a number of other possible rewards and the ability to access exclusive HD drone video footage shot at the distillery of the month.

Unfortunately, the club is only available in the UK but, as Whisky Me points out, that’s just a “for now” situation.