Culture | August 27, 2014 9:00 am

Blades of Glory

By The Editors

Labor Day cometh.

Summer near endeth.

You have time for one more weekend steak. Maybe two.

Cut them with these: the handmade knives of one Mr. Max Poglia, available now.

Poglia is Brazilian by way of Milan. He’s one of those chaps with wildly good taste.

And when he’s not playing the dandy outside Pitti Uomo, he’s creating blades that are the perfect marriage of rugged and refined.

No two Poglia knives are alike – forged from steel repurposed from old disk plows, each dinted blade is affixed to a wood, horn or bone handle, all with brass detailing.

We’re going to go ahead and dub these “heirloom cutlery.”

And because they’re not stainless, Poglia shivs will achieve a weathered patina over time while still maintaining their edge if cared for correctly. Hopefully like the guy using them.

Poglia also designs rawhide leather bags and loom-woven wool blankets crafted in his native Brazil – the kind of brawny statement pieces that complement, well, bone-handled steel kitchen knives.

Poglia’s gear can be found at several NYC emporiums of taste, and you can see examples of his handsome work on his site.

Enjoy those steaks.