Culture | June 10, 2015 9:00 am

This Does Not Involve Going to Work

Enjoy a Ferris Bueller day, at The Gansevoort Hotel

By The Editors

“How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?”

Wise words from one Ferris Bueller — and every bit as applicable damn near 30 years to the day after he took the canonical Day Off.

Because days like today were meant for playing hooky, we’ve got just the four-step plan to help you (and a date, hopefully) foil the Ed Rooneys of the world and enjoy some sunny relaxation right here in town.

Step One: Formulate your office-escape plan. Luckily, we’ve already made you a handy guide to doing just that.

Step Two: Make sure your swimsuit-and-sunglasses arsenal has been properly stocked. Luckily, we’ve already made you a handy guide to doing just that as well.

Step Three: Book yourself the brand-new “Daycation” package at the Gansevoort Hotel Meatpacking. Do this because:

  • You’ve only got one day — so spend it at a pool. On a roof. That requires no driving to get to.

  • Weekday means no crowds. More sun and less noise for you and the missus.

  • It comes with complimentary cocktails, a 30-minute rooftop massage, and even a “bikini concierge” for the lady (Note: please contact your correspondent directly if they appear to be hiring for this position).

Step Four: Post-sunbathing, keep your poolwear on and adjourn downstairs for dinner at the recently opened MePa location of award-winning chef Seamus Mullen’s El Colmado Butchery. Delectable Spanish tapas, hand-cut meats and cheeses, and rioja on tap — basically, the perfect repast for watching the sun go down and raising a toast.

To your day off, naturally.


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