Culture | December 26, 2016 9:00 am

NYC Bar Raises Drinking Age to 25 Because Young People Are ‘Animals’

The war on Millennials continues

The latest complaint about young people?

They can’t hold their liquor.

According to the Press Union, a “popular” bar in Brooklyn called Phil’s Crummy Corner has raised its age limit to 25 on weekends due to “rowdy crowds, discarded beer bottles and late-night shouting.”

Beyond 22 complaints to the city filed over the past four years, there has been one attack in the area. “They’re animals,” one nearby resident told the publication. “Friday and Saturday night, it’s like Animal Town.”

We’re not against the 25+ age limit, and nor is it the first time we’ve seen a bar in New York institute such a policy, though enforcement seems nebulous (the bar plans to let in younger people known by the owner, for example). And while the complaints seem to feed into every post-Millennial’s prejudice about “kids these days,” we do note a fair amount of hypocrisy in the bar’s new policy: they claim to be a “family restaurant” while hosting parties until 4 a.m., for starters. Also, the new policy comes in the wake of a community hearing on the bar’s noise issues. 

Remembering when we were 25 many, many, MANY cocktails ago, yes, young people have always been terrible drinkers. A better option? Do what every annoying third-tier bar in New York is doing now and start a “cocktail program” — no 22-year-old is going to stick around for your $17 artisanal take on a Moscow Mule.