Culture | June 16, 2015 9:00 am

A tomahawk steak of Flintstonian proportions

And other revamped classics.

By The Editors

Praise be to the chef who doesn’t oversalt his soup.

If he can practice restraint on that dish, you know he’ll devote similar attention to the main attraction.

And the main attraction at The Arthur J, the new Manhattan Beach steakhouse from Chef David LeFevre and his partners at MB Post and Fishing With Dynamite, is beef.

Thick, succulent, corn-fed and -baptised USDA Prime Angus beef.

What goes well with that?

A big red vino from Italy or Sonoma.

Take a sip after carving a bite out of a 28-day dry-aged, Flintstonian-sized tomahawk. Then marvel at its earthy richness.

Look around the room. Pretty women at the bar. Banquettes occupied by Silicon Beach titans.

The decor is ‘60s mod, like Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs manse or one of Don Draper’s haunts of choice. Geometric. Convivial. Oddly intimate.

And the staff knows elevated classics like a groundskeeper knows grass.

Back to the beef. While traditional wisdom holds that a perfect steak doesn’t need no stinkin’ sauces, we suggest otherwise at Arthur’s place.

The peppery house steak sauce. The ginger-infused jerk. The black truffle butter. Just don’t get caught plumbing the sauceboat with your soup spoon.

There’s also creamed corn. Shrimp cocktail. A pungent bone marrow smeared on fresh focaccia.

And there’s no reason to wait to book a table.

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