Culture | October 24, 2017 9:00 am

Nine Places to Watch the Dodgers Kick Ass, Take Rings

Take, me out to a diiiive bar ...

With temps threatening triple digits, today’s game could be the hottest in World Series history.

Best to watch it — along with the away games — in one of our favorite local sports bars.

We’ve got nine viewing options for you, from classic neighborhood haunts to places you wouldn’t normally consider for watching sports.

And if you’re a closet Astros fan, we’ve got you covered, too.

For Watching With a Sports Bar Crowd: The Nickel Mine

Why: The open air room has giant TVs in every direction and caters to sports fans without feeling too bro-y.
Drinks: a Tokyo highball is an effervescent whiskey cocktail that’s refreshing in this heat wave.
Eats: Doughy pepperoni pizza and some greasy wings.

11363 Santa Monica Blvd (map)

For Watching While on a Date Night: Commerson

Why: You’re on a date and you want to watch the game, too. If she’s not into baseball, go for the central tables and sit facing the bar, with her facing you — her back will be to the game. This is hands down the best food of this list.
Drinks: The wine program at Commerson is totally approachable, but let them drive.
Eats: The burger is very rich and delicious.

788 S. La Brea Ave. (map)

For Watching While Playing Bar Games: Brack Shop Tavern

Why: Because baseball isn’t exactly a fast sport, you’re looking to play video games and shuffleboard, too.
Drinks: Ping ponging between a pink Oaxacan negroni and a passion fruit tequila sunrise.
Eats: Patty melts. Chicken and biscuits. Peaches and burrata. This isn’t your average sports tavern.  

525 W. 7th St. (map)

For Watching in a Cool Dark Room: The Greyhound
Highland Park

Why: Because something feels good about watching games in a grand, dark room.
Drinks: #bluehour specials! Craft pitchers for $20. “From first pitch to last out.”
Eats: Red hot wings and if you’re not taking full advantage of the bluehour, that eggplant parm is everything you could want from the Italian barroom staple — saucy and oozing with molten cheese.

5570 N. Figueroa (map)

For Watching as a Closet Astros Fan: Bludso’s Bar & Que
Hancock Park

Why: Because it’s Texas-style bbq, y’all.
Drinks: Slow and low julep is the perfect minty refreshment for a hot day.
Eats: Brisket, natch.

609 N. La Brea Ave. (map)

For Watching After You’ve Spent the Day at the Beach: Firestone Walker Brewery
Venice Beach

Why: The new brewpub has ample room and big screens for the game.
Drinks: Any of their tasty beers.
Eats: It’s a toss up between the crisp and light fish tacos and the Bear’s Burger. Depends on your sunburn.

3205 Washington Blvd. (map)

For Watching When You’re Over the Hill: Blue Dog Tavern
Sherman Oaks

Why: It’s an honest and true neighborhood spot.
Drinks: Very cold draft pilsner.
Eats: The black and blue burger. Because blue cheese.

4524 Saugus Ave. (map)

For Watching While Eating Plant-based Pub Fare: Stalking Horse Tavern
Rancho Park

Why: The new British-style pub offers the Impossible Burger and delicious vegan options.
Drinks: Fuller’s Pride is one of the best British brews, and it’s hard to find in L.A.
Eats: It’s hard to believe the creamy Welsh Rarebit is vegan, but it is. So is the Impossible Burger, on offer here.

10543 W. Pico Blvd. (map)

For Watching Someplace with Damn Good Cocktails: Sycamore Tavern

Why: Because you’ve found yourself in Hollywood in need of tasty cocktails.
Drinks: Pick your poison, they’re all good because it’s the folks behind Chestnut Club and Scopa.
Food: Shisitos, some buffalo chicken spring rolls and some filet mignot sliders — this is one impressive bar menu. Those were just for starters. The big and juicy burger should be your main.

7038 Sunset Blvd. (map)