Chicago | June 25, 2015 9:00 am

Never Make an Email Typo Again

Wordzen: It writes emails for you. Seriously.

By The Editors

Ours is the Age of Email.

We write them all the time, everywhere, hunched Quasimodically over blistered thumbs and touchscreen keyboards.

Doesn’t it make ya’ wish you could hire someone to, y’know, handle them all for you?

Make that dream a reality with Wordzen, an “executive assistant for your Gmail account,” free of charge (for now) and available at this very moment.

Developed right here in Chicago, Wordzen takes shorthand notes and flips ‘em into professional, proofread, intelligible prose.

To start: sign up and install the Gmail plugin. Then locate the “Smart Send” button (right next to the standard send button) next time you fire off a piece of correspondence.

Click that button and the Wordzen editors will take care of ya’. Your cleaned-up message should appear in your Drafts folder in a matter of minutes.

Examples right here.

We know what you’re thinking: Privacy? Is this a honeypot for compromise?

Yes, someone will be reading your emails — but know that every Wordzen editor signs a confidentiality agreement.

What we can say: on our test drive last week, we hit up Wordzen with some quick shorthand (“Going out of town, reschedule when I get back.”) — and it worked like a charm.

We spent our newly found free time, you know, “out of town.”

Nota bene: Wordzen will be launching a mobile app soon. Stay updated here.

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