Chicago | July 16, 2014 9:00 am

Members Only

By The Editors

Sometimes, the song goes, you wanna go where everybody knows your name.

And they’re always glad you came, and that you share their refined taste, discerning sensibilities and same general income tax bracket.

That place: Soho House Chicago, the new private, members-only club and hotel that’s spitting distance from Restaurant Row, now accepting applications for membership.

First things first: it’s handsome in here. Housed in a former Chicago belting factory, Soho House is industrial heritage meets stately English manor charm.

Comfortable, too, with 40 guest rooms spread out over two floors and a bevy of perks that go beyond leather-studded wingbacks.

The higher you go, the better it gets:

  • Second floor: 12,000-square-foot gym. The best part: a pro boxing ring fashioned by Horween Leather.
  • Fourth floor: 40-seat screening room. Luxe velvet seating. And a bar.
  • Fifth floor: Depending on drinking habits, you’ll frequent either the Circular Bar or the Drawing Room, the latter a client-wooing-friendly den kitted with tufted leather booths and ping-pong tables.
  • Rooftop: Glass-enclosed bar. 60-foot pool. Lounge area. Fire pit. Good times.

Now, Soho House Chi ain’t all members-only. On the ground level there are two eateries and a bar and lounge open for public consumption.

Also open to the madding crowd: Cowshed Spa on the lower level.

Soho House Chicago opens its doors to the public in mid-August; membership applications officially go out July 28th. But you can apply now.

We’ll put in a good word for ya’.