Arts & Entertainment | July 8, 2016 9:00 am

Survey Says a Whole Bunch of Us Are Ready for Robot Sex

Would you?


They never leave wet towels on the floor. They have surprisingly soft, lifelike skin. And they will have sex with you, if you program them right.

This, friends, is the future that awaits us, according to 2,800 Britons ages 18 and over. According to a new survey, 20 percent of them would happily sex it up with a robot if given the opportunity. The report backs up the predictions of futurologist Ian Pearson, who earlier this week told Breitbart that he expects “virtual sex” to be commonplace by 2030 and “human-robot sex overtaking human-human sex by 2050.”

That 20 percent is also more than the 12 percent who said they hope to play sports with a robot, though significantly less than the 40 percent who just want to have a nice, long conversation with one.

Which, for the record, is actually weirder than having sex with a robot.

Via The Daily Mail

Image via Universal Pictures